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Proudly serving 24/7 infrastructure solutions, business continuity as a service and data management. Experts in transferring the savings in the cost of ownership to our customer.

Offering a World-Class service at any location providing local and remote services around the clock. We operate in 18 countries around the world with peers relying on our personalized service. We also provide IT consulting and a range of different products run in the cloud, adapting it to the size required by our peers ranging from mid-size businesses to large corporations currently assiting their teamworks.


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Case Study in WA:  Desktop Support
Business Challenge : Our customer is a leader manufacturing company based with EU with factories across LATAM.  The business spans 6 countries, managed from Netherlands. Challenge was to deploy effectively new 6 offices in 1 week, re-imaging and putting all in production at the same time and aligned with corporate guidelines.  More than 2,000 desktops spaces ,following guidance rules in 3 different languages. Readiness of solution , documentation and live support afterwards. Customer needed a centralized focal point for all works and the ability to report and interact in English.
Key factors to archive results
: • Clear plan. • Review and update of existing documentation. • Quick team deployment. Results • Tight times were archive. • Significant savings due response. Project was managed locally and controlled 7x24 to achieve the results required, using rotate teams at each country.  
Case of Study WA: Business Continuity 
Business Challenge: Our customer is the biggest oil producer worldwide. Project require a complete site relocation , more than 500 assets in 1 day for one specific site in Australia.
Key factors to archive results: • Project Management: 3 months were spent in all previous tasks, labelling and general planning. • Team: Separate teams were deployed at separate trucks to work in parallel and un-rack and pack all effectively. • Centralized reporting to effectively manage all teams involved. Results • All devices were moved with 0 downtime or impact for the business.
Case Study: Cloud Computing
Business Challenge : Our customer is in charge of managing the International Airport in Lima, Peru. They want to centralized their current backup for big databases. We proposed a cloud solution implemented in our solution for backup as service in the cloud.
Key factors to archive results: • Technical : All technical aspects meet, in terms of speed and security. • In-Country Solution: As per internal regulations all data has to be stored within the country. Our private cloud is based and replicated in 2 different cities and managed locally for our team in Lima • Cost effective solution: Solution was flexible, available at any time and without the expenses required for a in-premises solution.
Results • On-demand space available on budget without paying ownership costs but ongoing fees based on usage.
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Position: CEO
email: juan.carcelen@nicsait.com 
Position: Professional IT - Provider of Solutions and Technologies
email: rmenendez@nicsait.com
Position: Service Engineer
email: lfernandez@nicsait.com
Position: Service Engineer
email: gbarmaimon@nicsait.com
Position: IT Consultant - Systems Administrator
email: higlesias@nicsait.com
Position: IT consultant - Systems Analist
email: lhidalgo@nicsait.com
Computer Science engineer expert in Virtualization, information management, OS and networking.
... I consider myself an independent and empower person, able to interact with at different levels and adapt to change. Wanted always to improve myself professionally and personally and archieve any challenge in front of me.
Computer Science engineer with experience in software development and consulting based on ITIL. 
Resposible, proactive, team player. 

Service Delivery Manager
Email: mdacosta@nicsait.com
Business Development Manager 
Perth, Western Australia